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Ask Dr. Jane: Vax Injuries, Fraudulent Antibody Tests, Medical Swabs, And More

A Stew Crew favorite, Ask Dr. Jane hits the air to answer questions on unique vaccine injuries, fraudulent PCR test, and more!

Are medical swabs safe to use?

Can YOU trust anti-body tests?

Uncensored: „I WILL NOT BOW!“ Pastor Artur Pawlowski Stands Firm & Defeats Globalists – Maria Zeee

While so many Christian leaders cowered under the tyrannical and nonsensical rule of their governments during the so-called pandemic, very few displayed the courage and determination to remain obedient to God… but not Pastor Pawlowski.
Like a modern-day Paul, he went to prison, spent time in solitary confinement and faced people plotting to murder him for his beliefs. This is the story of his victory through his unwavering faith.


Aliens At The Airport! | O’Hare UFO Incident | The Conspiracy Show | S5E07 | 👽🛸👾🚀🪐

The O’Hare UFO Incident – Richard investigates a UFO sighting over Chicago’s O’Hare airport that was witnessed by dozens of people, including an airline captain, his crew and several airport officials.
Stars: Richard Syrett, Jim Marrs, Richard Dolan, Richard Crouse, Nelson Thall, Michael Shermer
Michael Shermer, Stanton Friedman
*Under non-exclusive license from Film One. All rights reserved*

How Rockefeller Monopolized Medicine and Created BIG PHARMA – Universe Inside You

Narration: Petra Ortiz –

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