Nebulon – Across The Solar Tides [Full Album]

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Nebulon – Across The Solar Tides, released August 12, 2020 – Prometheus Studio. Third album by Nebulon, „Across The Solar Tides“ continues the story on previous releases, and further explores the space/retrosynth ambient landscapes with the inspiration brought by Vangelis and Tangerine Dream in the 80’s ambient/electronic scene. The album puts heavy emphasis on oscillators, arpeggiators and analogue synths from the times when electronic ambient music made its first marks upon the world.

„The Ark descended upon Magnus Cerebri, a self-conscious planet that holds great mysteries of the Universe, and was subsequently destroyed within the planet’s core. But, the crew was kept alive by the unknown planetary EM forces, and was given a new vessel – gigantic interstellar ship called ‚Phaethon‘. It was revealed that another piece of the puzzle to the ultimate nature of Cosmos lies far beyond, across the vast, deep space and into another Galaxy. The ship (obviously made by a very advanced, mysterious technology that blends biological matter with quantum electronics) was a gift to humans from the planet – if they accept the mission. Instructed by the planetary consciousness, the crew travels through the wormhole inside the planet, which will bring them through the local star. With the help of the solar tides, they will travel across the universe and back in time, into a Galaxy that lies at the edge of the known space. There, at the beginning of time itself, when thousands of Suns were being born, the secret awaits.


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