Unfold – Equinox [Full EP]

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Unfold – Equinox, released on June 24, 2022, First Contact, FC008
The first downtempo release on First Contact by the duo Unfold, The tracks are journeys through natural and unnatural sceneries, sometimes mystical and psychedelic.
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„Me and my dear and talented brother Tal Shoshani have been making music together for quite many years. Under different names and changing styles and this time for the first time: we created an EP of three pieces between Down Tempo and Soft House type. All the work of the EP from the concept through the very soft production and mastering (compared to the psytrance and techno that we usually produce) were very enjoyable and special for me. We still haven’t given up on the psychedelia that runs through our veins and you can hear it in music.“ – Hujaboy

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