Ghost – When You’re Dead

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UK ack THE GHOST was formed in 1969, at the very start using the moniker Holy Ghost but pretty soon shortened for obvious reasons.

Paul Eastmont (vocals, guitar), Charlie Grima (drums), Terr Guy (keyboards, vocals) and Daniel McGuire (bass, vocals) were the forming members; and when Shirley Kent (vocals, guitars) hooked up with shortly after the line-up was complete, and they headed off to record their first single, issued in 1969. swiftly followed by a full length production, both issued in 1969.

Come 1970 and their full length debut „When You’re Dead“ sees the light of day, and second single is issued by the band. However, Shirley Kent decides to leave the band to start a solo career soon after. The band continue using the moniker Resurrection, but split up without releasing any more material.

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