Desert Dwellers – DownTemple Dub: Lost Mixes (Full Album)

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Desert Dwellers – DownTemple Dub: Lost Mixes, released April 11, 2011 DownTemple Dub: Lost Mixes is a collection of alternate versions of tracks that were produced prior to and during the making of Desert Dwellers first three DownTemple Dub albums on White Swan Records. The majority of these “lost” mixes were created for yoga instructor Hemalayaa Behl for her instructional DVD Dance of the Kama Sutra. Also included are two earlier “unplugged” tracks that feature the masterful middle eastern melodies of Ricardin, and new mixes that highlight the traditional east Indian music of Pandit Birju Maharaj, the angelic vocals of Sarah West, the Japanese shakuhachi flute of Domonic Dean Breaux, acoustic guitar of Rara Avis and the original version of “You Can See Forever”, which blends otherworldly sounds that were recorded at Burning Man by Amani Friend. These threads of sound have been woven into new sonic tapestries that are more spacious, open, dubby, and organic; a perfect compliment for yoga classes, massage therapy, relaxation, meditation, and tantric experiences. Produced by Amani Friend and Desert Dwellers, along with Rara Avis and Craig Kohland of Shaman’s Dream.

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