Gravy Train – (A Ballad Of) A Peaceful Man

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Founded in Manchester, UK in 1969 – Disbanded in 1975

GRAVY TRAIN were formed by guitarist/vocalist Norman Barratt. They managed to get a contract with the famous Vertigo label. And their first outing aptly named „Gravy Train“ hit the street in early 1971. Second album, by many critics and followers hailed as their best, came later that same year (december 1971) titled:“Ballad of a Peaceful Man“. That also saw the ending of contractaul obligations with Vertigo. However Dawn records signed them for another 2 albums. „Second Birth“ were released in 1973 and „Staircase to the Day“ 1974. After that nobody really heard of them… rumour has it, that Barrett saw the light in Christian music and apparently he were involved in the MANDALABAND project.

My favorite album by GRAVY TRAIN is „Staircase to the Day“, even though many, as mentioned, swear to „Ballad to a Peaceful Man“. Musically they´re sort of a mix of good solid UK prog / rock / folk (plenty of wonderful flute playing.) Ccheck them out, you might be in for a surprise!

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