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BIG LOST RAINBOW was an progressive folk group founded from Pomfret, Connecticut and which was active during the early 70’s. The members that consisted of Ridley PEARSON, the main songwriter and singer, Robin PFOUTZ, Adam BERENSON, Otis READ, Tony MORSE and J.P. BAILHE made up the basic line-up which originated from jam sessions at a local school which they attended around 1970. At some point they were joined by Steve PATT and Charlie READ helping with more guitars and backing vocals; the group composed music without drums in mind though. In 1971 the group started playing publicly and recorded a demo in Los Angeles but postponed the band endeavors because of educational obligations. In 1973 the group gathered again in Cape Cod and recorded another demo which eventually become wanted enough to warrant a private pressing and resulted in their only recorded album. For next two years the band toured New England and supported similar folk and bluegrass artists but didn’t find enough label interest to continue on.

The band did reunite for a short while in 1992 which created some recordings that would eventually end up on a re-release in 1998 and on samplers of psychedelic music. The members as a whole didn’t seem to work in other similar rock bands endeavor besides production and arrangement throughout the years, though the songwriter Ridley PEARSON became an accomplished novelist and was in a rock and roll band of published writers called ROCK BOTTOM REMAINDERS which featured the likes of Matt GROENING and Stephen KING.

Bio written by George (Historian 9)

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