New Trolls – Dance With The Rain

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Founded in Genoa, Italy in 1967 – Disbanded in 1997 – Reformed in 2007
Along the years several members regrouped under different monikers (New Trolls Atomic System, Vittorio De Scalzi – La storia dei New Trolls, Ibis, Il Mito New Trolls, La Leggenda New Trolls, Uno Tempore)

Unique in the history of Italian progressive music, NEW TROLLS were leaders and were for a time the top band in Italy. In 1973, NEW TROLLS split into two camps, the hard-rocking IBIS and the symphonic-oriented NEW TROLLS ATOMIC SYSTEM. They crossed many different permutations of line-up changes, many musical stylings… and great hits, passing through beat, pop ballads, progressive rock works, hard rock, and melodic pop followed groups like GENESIS and PFM.

In 1971, the TROLLS released their greatest album „Concerto Grosso No. 1“ that’s still recognized as one of the most important Italian rock releases ever made. This album was to take them in a new direction. It was the first effort in Italy to fuse rock music with classical treatments. 1972 was the year in which NEW TROLLS became the producers of a mature music. Two albums were released that year, „Searching For a Land“ and „UT“. „Searching for a Land“ (1972) is full of great songs and amazing musical highlights. „UT“ is an amazing amalgam of progressive rock covering a wide variety of styles (references: YES, ELP, GENESIS, KING CRIMSON). The second „Concerto Grosso No. 2“ (1976) was far more eclectic with few influences from classical music, and was not quite as good than the first one. From the album „Aldebaran“ the sound became more commercial (like BEE GEES) until early 90’s, then came to a new split. Now you know to go for true prog insight.

Nonetheless, „Concerto Grosso No. 1“, „Searching for a Land“, „UT“ are highly recommended.

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