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The Anunnaki and Their Obsession With Gold Inherited by Humans – Universe Inside You (engl.)

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The Anunnaki were not gods but visitors who came to earth from the planet Nibiru some 445,000 years ago. They were not on vacation; they came to earth with a very specific purpose – to hunt for gold. They first touched down in the Persian Gulf, led by half-brothers Enki and Enlil, where, over many years, they drained the marshes of the northern coast and created a vast irrigation system between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, founding a flourishing Anunnaki colony. During this time, they attempted to obtain the gold they had come for from under the waters of the Persian Gulf. But when this proved far too difficult, they were forced to up and move the entire operation to a place they knew was a gold hotspot – South Africa.




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