Deep State DESTROYS Food Plants, LEAKED McCarthy Tapes betraying Trump, Musk Buys Twitter – The Stew Peters Show

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Tuesday on the Stew Peters Show, DeAnna Lorraine raises concern about Elon Musk’s new purchase: Twitter! Are our rights going to be protected, or is this another deep state scam?
Investigative reporter Edward Szall shares details on a New World Order plot to control the masses with a planned famine, starting with a string of non-coincidental explosions, plane crashes, and fires at food processing facilities and farms throughout the West.
Audra Morgan discusses how police officers tackled her to the ground for not wearing a mask, and her thoughts on how election integrity is the only way to place lawmakers back in their rightful place, as servants to We the People.
And, National File’s Patrick Howley exposes globalist Kevin McCarthy for betraying president Donald J. Trump.

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