Stew Peters Show – Scott Quiner’s Texas Doctor, Voting Machines GONE, War With Putin and MORE! (engl.)

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Well, we have some very difficult news to bring you today. If you follow our Telegram, you’ve already seen it. Sadly, it’s my job to inform you that just a few days after escaping the clutches of “Mercy” Hospital in Minnesota, Scott Quiner passed away in Texas. His Doctor, Joseph Varon joins us to discuss.

We have a terrifying story this evening out of Virginia. Shamgar Connors is a 42-year-old father of two in Stafford, Virginia. Shamgar sadly suffers from stage five kidney failure. He has to spend every night on 12 hours of dialysis, or he’ll die. Shamgar is obviously a leading candidate for a kidney transplant, which could allow him to live a longer and more normal life again.

Kash Patel joins Stew Peters today to discuss the ongoing crisis in the Ukraine, he calls out Putin’s bluff and the Deep State’s bloodlust.

Mike Lindell LIVE: How he’s getting rid of internet-connected voting machines, while the „media“ ignores it ALL!

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