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To hear ones inner self one must first silence the monkey mind and then the subconscious programmed mind (that one that says you aren’t good enough of such and such is evil), yes that one! Only then will you become aware of your inner self, your inner voice. Awaken your inner self, your inner witch through meditation and this magical music with a 741 hz embedded tone to join the formula of sound frequencies embedded in my music.

Welcome to my channel I am Skeed and this channel offers you some awakening meditation esoteric witchcraft magic music for spells and spellcasting for the witch in you. This occult ritual ambient esoteric meditation music helps to awaken your higher self…. your inner witch. It can be used by witch covens or in solitary pagan practice be that Wicca, Chaos or any other spiritual practice. Use it in your shadow work, to write your book of shadows or grimoire or to study anything you wish.

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At Skeed magic meditation music we would like to welcome you to this relaxing meditation music with a special formula of specially research frequencies to create and magical sound for your ritual, yoga, meditation, witchcraft and occult or private practices.

There is a huge growth in witchcraft and more witches are waking up everyday. Wicca is the fastest growing religion worldwide. Spirituality is closely tied to witchcraft and magic (even if people do not call it this) as science and religion both come from magic (alchemy) and witchcraft (shamanism) thus making they so much older than either.

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to this magic meditation music.
Forget your judgement,
Let go of your bias,
Let go of your ego,
Suspend dogma,
Suspend your beliefs,
Suspend your fears.
Understand we know nothing.
Lock away your thoughts,
For the time being.
This is your time now.
Just open your awareness,
For this is magic!

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