Sci-Fi Short Film: „Human Resources of Ugago“ | DUST

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Dave is the last human employee at „UGAGO“ – a hip, modern stock footage-company. Dave hates his job, the group activities, and the annoyingly exuberant team spirit of his robot colleagues. He does his very best to seclude himself from everyone at his office, as he is convinced about his otherness and superiority to his robot coworkers. One day when he rashly refuses yet another friendly gesture from them, the robots have had enough of his behavior and decide to burst his bubble of arrogance.

„Human Resources of Ugago“ Credits:
Director, Screenplay / Ennio Ruschetti David Oesch
Cinematography / Tobias Kubli
Production Design / Aurelia Buchli
Editor / Norbert Kottman, Hae-Sup Sin
Music / Cédric-Joël Ziegler
Production Manager / Valentin Karl Huber
Lead-Animation / Robin Disch

Leading Actors
Sebastian Krähenbühl as Dave
Denise Hasler as Frank
Alex Freeman as Franks Voice

Supporting Actors
Lea Whitcher as Image Video Voice

Assistant Director / Björn Baumann
Set Manager / Hannah Markfort
Continuity / Kenneth Gilomen
Focus Puller & Assistant Camera / Robin Angst
DIT / Kathrin Schweizer
Gaffer / Lukas Graf
Costume Design / Jeanne Bourgignon
Makeup Artist / Janine Jacoby, Kim Bischofberger
Location Sound Engineer / Noah van Dok
Sound Design / Oscar van Hoogevest, Flurin Devonas
Sound Mixing / Gregg Skermann, Oscar van Hoogevest
Digital Colorist / Valentin Karl Huber
Compositing / Klaus Krall / k-effects, Robin Disch, Ennio Ruschetti
Graphic Artist / Michael Shepherd, Donika Palaj
Technical Support Equipment / Gian Courtis
Technical Support Postproduction / Norbert Kottmann, Yasmin Joerg
Project Supervision / Christian Iseli
Project Mentoring / Prof. Michael Schaerer, Maurizius Staerkle-Drux
Financial Support / das alte Lager
Executive Producer / Filippo Bonacci
Programme Director / Sabine Boss

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