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Pathology Conference (2nd press conference) [] (20211204) ( (en)

Corona Commity – Session82: There´s No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

David Icke: Stand Firm – A Message To Those Who Can See

The NEW INSPIRED DAVID ICKE Interview | It’s Time To Break Through The Simulation

You can watch the full un-edited version of our interview with David Icke on our Rumble channel

The ‚Omicron‘ testing scam and how it works to give the illusion of more cases – David Icke’s Dot-Co

The Transgender Hoax And The End Of Parents – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

Bill Gates, The Fabian Society & The Chemical Control Of The World – David Icke Talking In 2012

David Icke, Dr Tom Cowan & Dr Andrew Kaufman – True Healing Conference 2021


Infowars – Deep State Dems Announce Permanent Masks, Forced-Injections of Newborn Babies – FULL SHOW 12/6/21

Meanwhile, Chris Cuomo’s alleged sexual harassment is being used as a distraction from Ghislaine Maxwell & intelligence agency pedophile rings! Tune into this LIVE edition of The Alex Jones Show that includes the owner and host of Next News Network, Gary Franchi, delivering exclusive information in-studio! Also, a whistleblower joins today’s broadcast to expose how the UK government used Covid as a pretext to euthanize the elderly.

Infowars – WAR ROOM (1st HOUR) Monday 12/6/21 • News, Reports & Analysis •

The mainstream media is trying very hard to keep the trial of the century out of the headlines!
Share this link to help expose the global pedo network!

ALEX JONES (2nd HOUR) Monday 12/6/21 • NEXT NEWS NETWORK – GARY FRANCHI, News, Reports & Analysis


Meanwhile, Chris Cuomo’s alleged sexual harassment is being used as a distraction from Ghislaine Maxwell & intelligence agency pedophile rings!
Next News Network, Gary Franchi, delivering exclusive information in-studio! Also, a whistleblower joins today’s broadcast to expose how the UK government used Covid as a pretext to euthanize the elderly.

Infowars – Investigative Journalist Exposes UK Extermination of Elderly in Secret Eugenics Program

Jacqui Deevoy of joins The Alex Jones Show to discuss her new documentary from Ickonic Media about heartbreaking stories from people who lost loved ones to fatal doses of morphine and Midazolam. Watch her film here:

Stew Peters Show – December 8, 2021

A week ago the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Dobbs vs. Jackson’s Womens Health Organization. We’ve been building up to this for a long time. In 1973, when the Court first delivered the Roe v. Wade ruling, 30 U.S. states banned abortion without exception and 16 more allowed it only in narrow cases. Abortion was generally available in just four U.S. states. But the Court of the 1970s was even more radical than it is today. So it simply invented a “right” to abortion out of whole cloth. Since that decision, more than 60 million children have been butchered in the name of choice. There is a 6-3 majority of Republican-appointed justices. Every single one of those justices was vetted by religious conservatives and the Federalist Society. Every single one was sold to the base as a rock-solid pick for overturning Roe and removing this hideous stain on the nation’s soul. Will the Court deliver this time?
Senate Candidate Kathy Barnette joins us.

Was Senator David Perdue thinking of Georgia when he bought up to $245,000 of Pfizer stock before the pandemic was public? Stew Peters Show investigative journalist Edward Szall digs into the newly Trump endorsed governor’s candidate and details other problems with the ‘America-Last’ establishment pick.
Edward Szall investigates.

Join Dr. Jane Ruby and Stew Peters as they answer questions from Dr. Ruby’s own viewers in Telegram on things such as the risks of the vaccine and the ever encroaching booster shots.

Doctor John Witcher always believes in putting his patients first instead of the dictates of medical tyrants. And that’s why he was just fired from his job at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Yazoo City, Mississippi for prescribing ivermectin to his Covid patients. The hospital insisted that he give the patients Remdesivir, which has severe or even catastrophic side effects yet is the treatment approved by the FDA. Ivermectin, which has almost no side effects and a long history of use for all kinds of ailments, and even if it doesn’t work certainly has no downside, is still prohibited. Doctor Witcher says he still has three patients in the hospital and he wants to help treat them, but he won’t even be allowed onto the premises of the hospital.
He joins us to discuss.

Rebecca Brewer is a former Marine and Iraq War veteran. No doubt she enlisted because she wanted to serve her country. Instead, she was used to fight an unnecessary war and might have been experimented on in the bargain.
She joins us to discuss.

Stew Peters Show – Patent Reveals HIV in Shots – Doctor DEAD After Vaxx Discovery – Vegas Shooting FBI Cover-Up

Remember the Las Vegas shooting? It’s impressive if you do, because bizarrely, it’s not something the press or the government ever wants to talk about. Fifty-nine people died in that shooting, including Stephen Paddock, yet even now four years later we have no motive. Despite taking place at a massive country music concert, there is very little footage of the shooting. Any time they can, the press frames a shooter as motivated by “white supremacy.” But Stephen Paddock was white and they didn’t really bother. Other than a quick push to ban bump stocks, there was very little chatter about Vegas.
Mindy Robinson joins us to discuss.

The left can’t admit that their precious vaccines have failed, so they’re tripling down and becoming more obsessed than ever with more shots in more arms. If a third dose doesn’t cut it, they’ll start mandating four. Dr. Ariyana Love of Finland has been one of our leading guests on the question of whether graphene oxide is in these vaccines. She recently shared some upsetting news with us: Dr. Andreas Noack, the German doctor who claims to have found microscopic nano-razors within a vaccine sample, has died, just days after his most recent findings.
Dr. Ariyana Love joins us.

Karen Kingston joins Stew Peters to discuss a possible HIV Glycoprotein found within the Covid 19 bioweapon.

In the former democracy of Australia we are now seeing large-scale prison camps built in the name of stopping coronavirus. Yes, prison camps being built on what was, once, an entire continent-sized prison colony. Outside the city of Darwin, authorities are running a 2,000-person prison camp at Howard Springs.
Mark Aldridge joins us to discuss.

CCP Bioweapon Whistleblower: „My Own Husband Tried to Kill Me“

Dr. Li-Meng Yan is now best known for blowing the whistle on the Covid-19 origin. Despite continued threats on her life, she is still working to share evidence that the virus was created in a Wuhan lab. She says she has also teamed up with other brave physicians to share the truth, advocate for early treatment options and work to prevent another bioweapon release.

Alex Collier INTEL

-Vatican Preps for Conclave as ‚Pope Is Dying‘
so it seems it is all over for the trolls and hitler cheerleaders…ADIOS!!!

The David Knight Show – Omicron: Be Afraid, Very Afraid? Week of Panic Debunked

It was a move of desperation by the globalists who realize they’ve lost the fear factor they’ve used to control populations

Michael Kjaco – Airline Pilot Deaths are disclosed in Peer magazine. Staggering Death numbers beyond belief!


Summit News – Maskers Now Demand You’re Banned From TALKING While Eating

After Skool – FINGERPRINTS of the COSMOS – Randall Carlson – A Fireside Talk

Randall Carlson is a master builder and architectural designer, teacher, geometrician, geomythologist, geological explorer and renegade scholar. I have had the great privilege to go on 2 geology trips with him this year. I learned more in those few weeks than I did in all my years in school. Much of the trip was not recorded at all, but thankfully we had a camera rolling when Randall gave this talk in the late hours of the night, by the fire, under the desert stars.

This video is a short glimpse into the great wealth of knowledge that Randall possesses. If you want to go on a geology expedition with Randall, here is a link to future trips (I will be on the Feb 10-13 trip in Arizona. Randall won’t be on that one, but there will be some other amazing teachers)

Randall Carlson’s Podcast can be found here

Huge thank you to SpencerVybes for shooting the fireside footage and the drone footage. Spencer creates incredible content. On YT: @SpencerVybes or on IG: @vybesource

EEARTS – Reptilians Being Exposed?*The Draconian Agenda*Bill Gates-The End Is Near*75 Years Now To Release???

Elena Danaan – Star Trek soft disclosure

Gene Roddenberry was Clued in by ETS as well as many others the sheeple have no idea of….
Arthur C Clarke was one….
I mentioned this 3 years ago but the BITCH BOYS have removed all my comments.
They also pulled the video December to remember like building 7 on 911, when it was getting too many views in Trending
GEE i wonder why……cause jesus loves….

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