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Stiftung Corona Ausschuss – Pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson (en)

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„Don’t believe anything you’re told. It’s all a pack of lies. Nothing works, nothing
could work, nothing did work and nothing will work. We rely upon you, the common sense,
general public to act in ways that are so much more effective than government’s intervention
in all of this. And you are the solution. Your guts are telling you the right thing.
This is all nonsense. And we will survive it!“

Dr. Roger Hodkinson, pathologist [1], in a pre-recorded interview (Ad-hoc 13) together with
Reiner Füllmich and Viviane Fischer – broadcasted in the aftermath of the 56th Session of
the „Stiftung Corona-Ausschuss“ (SCA) (Corona Investigative Committee) on 11th of June, 2021.

[1] Bio: Dr. Hodkinson is the CEO and Medical Director of MedMalDoctors

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