Who wants to live forever – European opera-stars singing for peace & unity in St. Stephens Cathedral

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This music video is a testament to what can be achieved through the spirit of heart-felt team-work. It shows what we can achieve as a collective when we, as humans, put our hearts and minds together collaboratively with the intent to create something meaningful, something of beauty. We truly hope that this spirit will now be given to you and the world through this gift of art.

So, please watch and listen with joy, sing along and share with the whole world so that the love, joy and the spirit of collaboration we had in making this video can in some way make the world a better place.

Tenor: Steve Davislim

Bass: Günther Groissböck

Organ: Michael Koller

Choir: Wiener Singakademie: Artistic Director: Heinz Ferlesch, Production: Oliver Stech

Choristers: Dona Ghavami Tehrani, Felicitas Moser, Mariia Pysmenna, Elizaveta Schmidt,
Daniela Denner, Denise Gansterer, Ricarda Glatz, Karin Scheitel, Christina Vlcek,
Elisabeth Koch, Sarah Leuchtenmüller, Teodora Ljepoja, Elisabeth Oberndorfer,
Andrea Zimmermann, Gabriele Heidegger, Sarah Miranda, Myriam Reisch,
Sonja Eliane Stenek, Andrea Werner, Sebastian Acosta, Christian Hanzlik,
Alexander Löffler, Mario Lulic, Hisao Shibata, Thomas Süss, Günter Häusgen,
Franz Klopf, Markus Pfeifer, Oliver Stech, Christian Szaal-Paul, Hansfrieder Vogel,
Andreas Brauneis, Gerhard Hengst-Denner, Thomas Hübner, Camilo Leins,
Jeremias Meyer, Rainer Kalchhauser, Martin Kugler, Alexander Perterer,
Gerald Spernbauer, Tade Theuretzbacher

Percussion: Gernot Weller

Song / Lyrics: Brian May

Musical arrangement: Tristan Schulze

Sound Engineers: Thomas Maislinger, Gerald Hartwagner (Soundschmiede)

Film Director / Cinematographer: Max Gruber

Editing: Sigi Stütz

Script / Staging: Sigi Stütz, Max Gruber

1st Camera: Max Meissl

Gaffer: Lukas Kalthuber

Electrician: Lisa Milkovits

Grip & Crane: Florian Hrad, Sigi Stütz

Making of: Camillo Cibulka

Location: St. Stephen´s Cathedral, Vienna, Austria.

Special thanks to Tamas Steigerwald (Head of the Treasury Office St. Stephen´s Cathedral) and Toni Faber (Cathedral Chaplain St. Stephen´s Cathedral)

Producers: Max Gruber, Doris Peczar

Mastermind /Project Management / Mediation: Doris Peczar

This project was created in the hope that the growing division we have witnessed this last year would, in some small way, be bridged through the power of our art. Polarising issues, societal pressure and often conflicting information all help to alienate the individual from what she or he once knew our world to be. We would like to remind everyone through our musical and visual message that even as we are all unique individuals we all still essentially remain – human.

The positive vibration of music and art has always connected humanity, easily transcending cultural and language barriers. It is in this understanding that we share the spirit of this work of ours with the wish that we may collectively begin to re-connect all again – as one.

With this work we also honour Freddie Mercury who with his singular talent changed the nature of modern music. May the question “Who wants to live forever?” also lead us all to question what actually “living” means today.

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