10 Dystopien – Zachary Denman

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Written | Director | Camera | Editor | Music
Zachary Denman


The Fake Alien Invasion also known as Project Blue Beam was a way to simulate a staged alien attack on earth through the use of holographic technology. Kain is out in the countryside finding refuge…


The god gene was our connection to the creator energy; a deep part within our DNA sequence which could be activated through our pineal gland. We were in a spiritual war of light and dark, but most were not connected to their spirituality…

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Cosmic Upgrade

The Cosmic upgrade in consciousness was the biggest shift ever to happen in human evolution. Collective consciousness had been hijacked and Jarah had to find her higher connection to look beyond the insanity…


The super spreaders became the new dirt of society, tracked, traced and locked up as if they were the ones abusing us..


The climate emergency was bringing humans closer to extinction. Carbon emissions had to stop, it was pandemic after pandemic.. They pushed every piece of fear they could…


It was to much for most to take… all they craved for was the return to normality…


Social distancing destroyed society as people continued to comply…

Internment Camps

Internment camps were set up for people who consistently broke the rules and did not obey the agenda. After Kain was taken by the authorities, Jara goes in search of Kain. He becomes docile and compliant to their rule so Jara motivates him to escape…

Psychological Warfare

Psychological Warfare was a tactic to put people in fear, so they could emotionally manipulate your thoughts and actions. Jarah talks about the past and how she got trapped in their beliefs…


⁣⁣The Human Shadow is our darker thoughts, the inner demons, the things we hide and the things we disguise. Through understanding our own shadow it will change the Collective Shadow…

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