Dr. Daniele Ganser: Corona and Fear (Vienna 29. October 2020 – Engl. Untertitel)

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On October 29th 2020, the renowned Swiss Historian and Peace Researcher Dr. Daniele Ganser came to Vienna as part of a popular series of lectures. Just a few days before the 2nd Corona Lockdown was imposed in Austria, Dr. Ganser chose to focus his lecture on 2020’s topic of the year: “Corona and Fear”

In his lecture, Dr. Ganser highlights the 3 central fears that people all over the world suffered from in 2020:

– The fear of the Coronavirus
– The fear of Poverty
– The fear of Dictatorship

Dr. Ganser emphasizes the importance of taking each of these fears seriously and that it cannot and should not be about balancing them against each other, trivializing them or belittling them. The historian further explains that all three fears trigger the primal human fear; the fear of death.
He recommends observing these three fears within oneself and in friends, and then to rate the strength of each respective fear on a scale from 0 (no fear at all) to 10 (extremely strong fear). The Swiss scientist reminds us of the miracle that our brain is, weighing just over a Kilogram and consisting of over 100 Billion nerve cells, which are connected to each other via synapses.
Therefore, the peace researcher Dr. Daniele Ganser recommends to practice listing positive points of one’s life, especially during these more difficult times, as this re-links the nerve cells, facilitates the discovery of inner peace and helps us to overcome fear.

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