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Alien Invasion

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Alien Invasion

Are aliens coming to invade earth? We believe so…but the aliens we’re talking about aren’t the same little green men that Hollywood portrays in so many of its movies. Instead, they are the people who have simply chosen not to be a part of this corrupt and greedy world. Any one of us can make that same choice, and then we too will be part of the great alien invasion! #independenceday #independenceday2


This video was released by a government agency after two hikers went missing. This footage is real and captures the killing by an unknown extraterrestrial life forms.
If you have any knowledge of their disappearance please contact your police or FBI.


Gerald Celente joins Owen to expose the Big Tech elite who have become unprecedentedly arrogant as they drop the hammer of censorship on the American people. Our healthy and delicious storable foods are now available with the shortest lead time we’ve had in months!

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