Cancer Solution Ignored For Profit – And MSM Plays Along

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A microcosm of the problems with the US is shown in how a pioneering blood test has proven capable of detecting cancer years ahead of time. It could save significant numbers of lives but the mainstream media isn’t telling us about it. Lee makes the point that the society we live in sensationalized the superficial and ignores what’s really important in life.

Also in this episode: Small businesses are dying by the thousands because the government failed to protect us, the Tik Tok war continues, and more. Naomi Karavani reports on the Supreme Court’s shadow docket which allows them to hear cases and make decision with anonymity. Through it they’ve produced controversial arguments around elections, COVID regulations, immigration, and the federal death penalty. Natalie McGill comes on to discuss empty promises from Joe Biden and the DNC, police union outrage at any attempt to hold officers accountable, & more.

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