Propaganda Stops Peace But Protesters Stop Pipelines

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The New York Times reported, without evidence, last week that anonymous intelligence agents had leaked that Russia was paying Taliban forces bounties to kill US soldiers. The story comes at the right time to stop peace talks and troop withdrawals. Lee tears into this unfounded narrative and reminds us that the US actually used to fund the Taliban. Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested, Dominion and Duke Energy gave up on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, the Dakota Access Pipeline was shut down by court-order, wildfires rocks Arizona, and more.
Natalie McGill reports on a leak of law enforcement communications that reveals how the FBI and other agencies surveilled activists through social media… and Twitter helped them. This led them to target National Lawyers Guild members, journalists, and medics. Anders Lee sits, socially distanced, with Lee to discuss how New York City has tacitly allowed tenant harassment and eviction in this pandemic, how the fashion industry have screwed garment factory workers by cancelling their orders, and more.

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