Maxwell Arrested, Pipelines Canceled, Secret Plot Against Mexico + Media Blackout

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Roughly a year after Epstein committed suicide (while his guards napped, cameras were turned off and after he screamed for help), his wing woman, Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested.
Good news from the southeast and the mid-west where two horrific pipelines have been shut down!
The Monroe Doctrine turns to Mexico because how dare AMLO offer relief to the people of your country & region?!
PLUS Trump’s culture wars, and fires raging because climate change is of course still a thing.

Media Blackout: Epstein Was Connected To Intelligence

Jeffrey Epstein died in jail over human trafficking & pedophilia but the media refuses to talk about one of the major aspects of his puzzle — his connection to Israeli Intelligence.

Zum Thema „Bad Apple“:
„One bad apple spoils the whole bunch“

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