The TRUTH About Epstein, & How Corporations Take Lives

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The story of Jeffrey Epstein is filled with mysteries connected to powerful people in the US. After his alleged suicide last year the stories of a powerful international pedophilia-ring started to slow down but the story that was never picked up was that Epstein was working for Israeli intelligence. This story is still being covered up and we’ll see what happens now Ghislaine Maxwell has been jailed. The psychopaths at the top are always creating new examples of how corporations put profit over lives, and the FBI is still spying on Black activists while the police let white supremacists get away with open violence in the streets.
The meat industry faked a meat shortage earlier this year to justify keeping their factories open throughout the pandemic. This act put their workers at risk on multiple levels. Anders Lee and Lee discuss the power of police unions, a British Labour Party MP was sacked for sharing facts about the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and more.

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