Don’t Defend the Statues or Fake Police Reforms

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Statues are coming down around the country in instances of direct action from police brutality protesters. Lee gives you instructions to bring down the statues that he insists you should not follow. Although as a descendant of Robert E. Lee he also gives you permission to take down statues of his ancestor. Police and politicians are offering protesters symbolic concessions to their demands for police brutality, Syria is back in the news as the chemical weapon attack story continues to choke, and more.
Anders Lee reports on a growth moment for the New York Times after the newspaper published an op-ed from a far right politician calling for the army to crack down on protesters. The backlash led them to fire an editor and opened up space for some self-criticism, specifically around the Bolivian coup they were cheerleading for. Naomi Karavani reviews the victories of progressives in the recent primary elections and laughs at Lindsay Graham relating the current moment in the DNC to the French Revolution.

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