How Police Infiltrate, Create Violence, & Target Journalists

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Agent provocateurs are law enforcement agents who join protests to encourage violence. The police then use that violence as an excuse to attack protesters. This is a classic strategy and Lee exposes it in history, in the George Floyd uprising, and in a lot of domestic terrorism in the US. The Venezuelan embassy protectors had their felony charges dropped over their protests defending the international diplomatic order, US law enforcement targets journalists covering the George Floyd uprising, the Biden campaign continues to become more of a carnival as they let the DNC’s candidate continue to talk in public, and more.
Natalie McGill reports on where the bailout money aimed at hospitals went. It turned out that wealthy, predatory hospitals scooped up out-sized bailouts in comparison to struggling, rural hospitals. McGill wants to know how we can get that money back. Anders Lee sits down with Lee to talk about Trump’s move to criminalize Antifa, the case of an assassinated Swedish president has been reopened and potentially solved, and more.

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