A Crisis Of Our Own Creation: It Didn’t Need To Be Like This

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The US’s response to coronavirus has been a total failure. Lee compares the US’s response to that of the rest of more successful nations. The big lesson here is that there are better ways of structuring your society and this pandemic makes that obvious. Lee covers how the economic and health impacts of coronavirus are disproportionately affecting people of color, the bailout money that disappeared, the rent strike protesters who were arrested for driving slowly, and more.
Natalie McGill reports on how congress enjoys some of the best healthcare in the country and still refuses to work toward delivering reasonable healthcare to the American people. The health insurance industry has been pestering congress for more bailout money meanwhile suffering Americans have been given a pittance. Anders Lee on Nancy Pelosi’s heroic efforts to stop congress from helping the American people, a potential deb cancellation plan to act as a global coronavirus relief effort, and more.

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