Outbreak Used To Test Surveillance & Enrich Corporations

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The rise of smart cities is a tool in the mass surveillance toolbox. These technologies will be used to invade our privacy and even though they’re being put in place in order to create a robust response to the coronavirus pandemic, history has shown us that when the ruling elite get new toys to undermine our freedoms they won’t let them go without a fight. The collapse of the oil market has the experts spooked, the billionaires aren’t „essential“ workers and we need to recognize the dignity of those whose labor we all rely on, a Koch Industries scam, and more in „Taking the News from Behind.“
Natalie McGill reports on why your coronavirus subsidy checks have been delayed. Many Americans are having their checks seized over unpaid debts. Anders Lee brings several stories to the table including Jair Bolsonaro’s corruption in Brazil, a new Libertarian candidate for president, and an Ohio sheriff election that was won by a lesbian who the previous sheriff had fired.

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