The Shock Doctrine Is Here, Joe Biden Disaster, Let’s Fight Back

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Naomi Klein released “The Shock Doctrine” in 2007. In it she looked back at how powerful people have systematically used crises to implement draconian austerity politics and plunder economies in the name of “free market” economics. Lee draws a line from her book to the current coronavirus pandemic and how it’s being taken advantage of. Then in “Taking The News From Behind” the liberal elite keep propping Biden up despite his underwhelming response to the pandemic.
Natalie McGill comes on the show to discuss the rise of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo on the national scene. The liberal media are pointing to him as a prime example of successful democratic leadership while he slashes NY social spending in the middle of a crisis. Anders Lee reports on the new phenomena of many of the US’s minimum wage workers being deemed essential without any of the corresponding pay-raises. In cases where these workers have tried to organize their bosses haven’t treated them like they’re essential and this may drive class conflict as the US economy retracts.


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